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The Scopes Trial:

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Matthew 13:16
But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears, because they hear.

A Lawyer's convictions and their personal perspectives should not
shape a nation over the people's will who live within it.


Proverbs 25:2
It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and
the glory of kings to search it out.

Propaganda: The movie "Inherit the Wind"; Affected every aspect of life secular and religious. Once your mindset is controlled by propaganda, it will continue to go off direction while yet believing you're on target. That is the purpose of propaganda. Note that a few degrees off direction will place you miles away from your destination as you progress on your journey.

An analogy comes to mind: Viruses though impossible to see with the unaided eye, have a sophisticated method for propagating. A retrovirus will alter a person's DNA so that the body does not create antibodies to fight the virus. It reprograms the human body's design so a person is defenseless against the attack.

Taking the concept of how a retro virus works over to ideas and concepts; the carrier of the virus spreads the virus thinking they are teaching and believing truth while they are indoctrinated into the ideology and basically spreading the virus even further. Even Bible Believing Christians can be infected. The Bible, as Christians, is our strongest defense. But regardless, no human being is immune to propaganda.

By Answers in Genesis
Inherently Wind: A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial, By David Menton, Ph. D
Dr. David Menton holds a PhD in biology from Brown University and served as an award-winning professor at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis for 34 years. He retired as an Associate Professor Emeritus and now serves with Answers in Genesis as a speaker, writer, and researcher.

"In one of his most popular talks, Dr. Menton exposes the distortions and inaccuracies in the play and movie Inherit the Wind. This influential propaganda piece has deceived a whole generation ..."

Inherently Wind: Answers In Genesis | DVD SKU: 30-9-032:  

John Thomas Scopes (August 3, 1900 - October 21, 1970);
William Jennings Bryan (March 19, 1860 - July 26, 1925);
Clarence Darrow (April 18, 1857 - March 13, 1938)
John Washington Butler (December 17, 1875 - September 24, 1952)

The Scopes Trial named after the defendant John Thomas Scopes a substitute teacher.

Dayton Tennessee: where we find what has been called The Greatest Court Trial in U.S. History.

July 1925: A very hot July. Air conditioning and electric fans were non-existent.

To overturn the Butler Act which would forbid teachers from teaching students that humankind descended from apes.

Two famous men were pitted against one another in a discussion regarding Creation versus. Evolution.

The resulting conclusion of this trial created a paradigm shift as to the origins of all life on earth. Understand that this is probably the one underlying philosophical concept shaping the world's view and how society integrates itself on issues of morality or the lack there of. To say it plainly, how people treat one another.

There have been many plays and a famous movie, 'Inherit The Wind' (Which is what you inherit if you believe the movie's story line.), based on this court trial.

Beside the movie(s) presenting the trial in an artistic fashion, the movie(s) and later plays kept the famous trial alive in the minds of every American with a strong anti-Judeo-Christian worldview as famous actors like Spencer Tracy, Gene Kelly, Fredric March, Donna Anderson, Claude Akins, Harry Morgan, Florence Eldrige, Renee Godfrey, Jimmy Boyd, Normal Fell, Noah Beery Jr., Gordon Polk, Hope Summers, Paul Hartman, Philip Coolidge, Ray Teal playing the key roles, which drawing the public eye and scrutiny to the screen transfixed the imagination of every watcher as to whether God made man or whether humankind is just a cosmic probability (Darwinian Ideology) as some have stated.

Now the hearts that love these stars and a well produced piece of entertainment will lean into what the movie's spell produces in the conscience and subconscious of the public.

The movie is a propaganda film created to present Christians as backwoods fools filled with superstition. That superstition being that God created mankind in His image. But what is superstition, and what is truth? Why make a propaganda movie with so many renowned movie stars drawing the attention of the whole world which in turn set the standards for our educational institutions and culture?

Could this motivation have it's roots in a deceptive ideology which has no scientific factual evidence? Do we need propaganda to disillusion us? Do we need to lie to tell the truth? The last statement is an error in logic. And this is precisely what macro-evolution is when we look at the fossil record and more importantly, at the design inherent in every living thing and the cosmic laws of the universe!

The Story Line: A teacher who is portrayed as a victim of a witch-hunt due to instructing students on macroevolution - that man had descended from apes. In the movie portrayal of the trial John Scopes is threatened by the town's people. But was he really threatened? Was John Thomas Scopes teaching macroevolution specifically concerning humanity; therefor, breaking the Butler Act (law)?

Macroevolution: Macroevolution (Darwinian Ideology) speaks of major changes in a specimen where the creature turns into a different animal altogether which nature bears no evidence to.

Watch this 4 minute video 00:04:07.00
What power does this movie have to captivate its audiences!
The biggest names in showbiz! What a trailer!


The Most Destructive Propaganda Film

Produced in the United States.

Nothing could actually be further from the truth than the portrayal of the

Scopes Trial within the movie Inherit the Wind.

If you inverse about 95% of the movie's story line, you will be off target by about 4% as far as truth is concerned. We are going to embark here on a lesson in propaganda and brain washing.

After watching Inherit the Wind based on the Scopes Trial, we are given the impression that a high school substitute teacher who was just minding his own business teaching evolution in his biology class was viciously attacked by backward simpletons who believe in the Bible.

Who are the criminals? Who would do such a thing? The vicious Christian town folk along with the town's preacher and local politician, who grabbing the teacher right out of the classroom in front of his students and throwing the man in jail is dramatically portrayed on TVs across the United States and within classrooms showing how evil those Christians really are. Students were given a chance to reenact the scene by participating in school plays.

The movie we would hope, for the sake of honesty, if our TVs are to be trusted as voices of truth, is supposed to be historically accurate since it is portraying a real court case; The Scopes Trial which has been termed "The Most Important Court Case in U.S. History." However, our TVs might become propaganda machines used to control how you think and respond. This includes yourself and your children. If you are a teacher, this includes you and your students whether it is TV or the educational institution! Once you have been programmed by propaganda, it will not be easy to re-inform yourself. This is brainwashing 101.

This movie is far from presenting truth as we will look further into the actual case of the trial, but the propaganda does not stop here. The movie portrays the town's people practically becoming a lynch mob angered by a biology teacher for his crime of teaching Darwinian Evolution.

Doesn't that get you made at those Christian zealots?
Does not that make you want to get even with ignorance and intolerance?
Well hold on! This never happened!
You may have been brainwashed to believe and become emotionally involved
- have these ideas imprinted deeply into your mind as truth -
while they are actually lies.

Are you fair minded? Are you a truth seeker?

If you want to serve justice, read on.

If you want to inherit the truth and not the wind, read on.

We will see if the Christian Faith is a foolish concept or whether it is based on sound concepts provable by our senses.
Believers do not necessarily need prof for their faith, but we do not have a blind faith. The Bible is a real book which records the history of a people and God's intervention in human affairs. The recording of facts in the Bible can be researched and examined. And that is exactly what has been happening for thousands of years.
If you are Christian and are reading this, you need not be afraid to use the tools (science) God has given us. We should not lie as some scientist have been doing in regards to human origins due to sociopolitical pressures (especially if a paycheck might be at stake). Understand, I'm speaking to believers in this paragraph. God created the heavens and the earth, why should we not look at His creation and see the splendor of His workmanship?
We will look at the incredible the most verified text of antiquity - the Holy Bible - to detox our minds of the idea that science and the Bible are on opposite sides of a proverbial fence - as Christians and for anyone else - that science is the enemy of faith. That wedge, that idea, that our faith and our investigation of facts should not be united is a false concept - a lie and another issue of discussion that has been deeply rooted for hundreds of years into a paradigm society has been led to believe.

We will bring some light on the Bible as we continue with the discussion of the Scopes Trial since the Bible was on trial during this court trial.
We will bring the Holy Bible to the witness stand and see if it holds true to examination.

Did Charles Darwin believed in God?

I guess we can say Darwin became a deist; he did not exclude God from the picture of life on earth. Christians, Jews, and Muslims are theist. Since he studied in seminary, I would say he believed and may have as well had a true relationship with Jesus Christ. He might have had a different view on how God created life in its original form and then left it to evolve - a type of deistic ideology.

This is my speculation, but we go too far in damming Darwin due to what we have made from his theory. Darwin proposed by theory that man might have evolved from another creature as oppose to being created by God in his present form. That concept of a creature turning into another is called macroevolution. He was reclusive on his views regarding his faith. His own theory might have been destroying his faith. His out spoken concerns regarding his faith might have been due to his profession in his exploration. Those whom were supporting Darwin and the concept that life might not be due to God's intervention in time and space would not want a professing Christian speaking on the Glory of God while at the same time being paid to find some evidence that God did not create mankind.

Nonetheless, his theory has started some of man's most heinous crimes against humanity. How can this happen? When we remove the moral restraints found in the Bible, man is left to his own devices. The Bible speaks of God in these terms: God is love... Love your neighbor, Love your enemy, Bless; do not curse.... This is the Christian motto.

Now if you are a Christian, my advice to you is that you do not go down the route of deism. That is to say to believe in macroevolution (Darwinism) you lean into deism instead of theism. God is concerned with every aspect of our lives and He is not the cause of pain and suffering. Sin, Satan, and the fall of man is the cause of pain in this world. God is in the process or restoration and redemption. God is the author of life. Satan; the author of death. Oddly enough Macro-evolutionist believe death improves upon life as less evolved traits die off with the carrier of those genes. But this model fails.

by Grant R. Jeffrey
Signature_of_God by Grant R. Jeffrey "...we discover in the pages of ancient Scripture the most advanced sanitation instructions and the most sophisticated medical knowledge that the world has ever known, until the explosion of medical research in this century following World War I"

This advanced and accurate knowledge reveals a profound understanding of germs, infectious transmission routes, human sanitation needs, and many other
 medical advances unknown outside the
 Bible during the last thirty five centuries

A careful examination of the medical trusties of Egyptians and the comprehensive Babylonian Code of Hammurabi reveals absolutely nothing about preventive medicine to enable people to avoid these deadly diseases that devastated ancient societies

However, the presence of the incredibly advanced and accurate knowledge of diseases, sanitation, and preventive medicine in the ancient Scriptures is one more incontrovertible proof that the Bible is truly the Word of God.
The Signature of God: Astonishing Biblical Discoveries, by Grant R. Jeffrey, pp 168 169, ISBN 0-8499-4094-X

Moses was raised in Pharaoh's household and would have had the best education. Pharaoh believed Moses to be his grandson. Ancient Egypt had incredible knowledge as we know from the Great Pyramid. But their medical abilities were lacking to put it lightly. So, where did Moses get the knowledge for these medicinal recipes we find in the Bible?

God spoke directly to Moses as we read in scripture, and as we have shown here further below through Dr. Chuck Missler's oral expository on DVD, there is absolute proof of outside intervention in the Bible's miraculous design.

Exodus 33:11a
11 And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.

Now the Lord spoke to Moses face to face and what has Moses told us..?

Deuteronomy 18:15
15 The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken; 

The Book of Hebrews 1:1-4
1 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,

2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;

3 Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high;

4 Being made so much better than the angels, as he hath by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.


We are told in the laws of the Old Testament, Leviticus was written approximately 3,500 years ago, to wash our hands after handling a cadaver.

When medicine was young, students operating on cadavers for educational purposes would go from working on a dead body directly to help deliver a baby. The mortality rate was very high; 15% - 30%. One Hungarian doctor, Ignaz Semmelweis 1845, suggested that the young doctors should wash their hands before delivering a baby. The mortality rate dropped to 2%. He was fired for his suggestions.

Yet in the Bible thousands of years beforehand we see a recipe for those who come in contact with a corpse, which is medicinally accurate for its purpose. These purity laws saved countless lives over the centuries while the rest of the world had no clue. Yet in the Bible are precise detailed instructions in preventive medicine.

The Black Plague, which took an estimated 75 to 200 million people in a four year period, might have not been as devastating if people knew to follow the Bible's instructions from the plague's start. It was the Church Fathers who suggested in the 14th. century that the Biblical guidelines for hygienics should be followed.

"The devastating black plague of the 14th. century that claimed millions of lives was not broken until the church fathers in Vienna began encouraging the public to start following the guidelines as set forth in the Bible. The promising results in Vienna compelled other cities to follow suit, and the dreaded plague was finally eradicated."

It would seem we should have Biblical Creation taught in our educational systems instead of a fraudulent concept we call Darwinian Evolution. We will see further along many lives could be spared not only from the Black Plague but from man's unrestrained evil once the Bible is put aside as a myth.

There has never been a work from antiquity which has the resilience we find in the Bible text. You cannot have intelligent design in the universe; in the human being; in the single cell; and separate it all from God. God is the intelligent designer that we see throughout the universe, but in man's rebellion, scientists and even some denominations are going to tell us aliens put us here because they cannot deny the fact that there's intelligent design everywhere we look. They just do not want to believe the Bible's account on how life started. And why is that?

The Bible itself tells us this is due to our fallen nature. This is precisely why we, me and you, need a Savior and to be Born Again and made into a New Creation.

We have just read how accurate the Bible's instruction given to Moses by God Himself outlining instructions for a society's hygiene. There is much to be said along these lines as well as how many of the ancient laws in the Bible are 'types - shadows' - prophetic types indicating what the Messiah would accomplish.

Now let us look at a phenomena that expresses statements hidden within the Old Testament which we hold true as Believer's in Jesus Christ. These statements are found by a skip letter sequence we call Equidistant Letter Sequencing (ELS).

This is one of several codes we find within the Bible which cannot have been placed there by the ancient Jewish writers of the Old Testament. The video below shows Rabbi Yacov Rambsel discussing his discoveries utilizing this code.

Watch this 25 minute video 00:24:59.00
Will you Allow Yourself to be Exposed to Truth?
Yacov Rambsel on the Sid Roth Show: "It's supernatural"

We will bring to light here some Yacov's discussion for our illustration:
I strongly urge you to watch the full program and better yet click 'ELS Code' to open a pop-up box with further detail of the vedio, the video, and other videos discussing the ELS Code within the Bible.

Utilizing the ELS code within the Bible, we find reading right to left in the Hebrew language within the famed Suffering Servant Messiah (Messiah ben Yosef) passages of scripture the Hebrew name of Jesus: "Yeshua" is specifically stated in a sentence claiming the identity and description within these verses of scripture to the identity of Yeshua - Jesus.

This is the statement which we have specifically in Isaiah 53:9,10 within these sacred passages in Isaiah chapter 53 to Isaiah chapter 54 speaking of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

If you were to read Isaiah 53 without knowledge of the Bible's design, you would think you were reading something in the New Testament regarding the suffering of Christ. Yet these verses were penned 800 years or so before Jesus was born. Here is the sentence hidden in the ELS code beneath the text describing crucifixion in outright detail.

Jesus is My Name

Isa 53:9,10
9 And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.

10 Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand.

Yacov Rambsel discusses his discovery:  Jesus' name revealed in the Old Testament as The Lamb of God Who takes away the Sins of the World

Daniel 9:26

"...or after the end of the sixty-ninth seven, the Messiah shall be "cut off." The verb rendered "to cut off" has the meaning, "to destroy, to kill," for example, in Genesis 9:11; Deuteronomy 20:20; Jeremiah 11:19; Psalms 37:9. The natural interpretation of verse 26 is that it refers to the death of Jesus Christ upon the cross. As this relates to the chronology of the prophecy, it makes plain that the Messiah will be living at the end of the sixty-ninth seventh and will be cut off, or die, soon after the end of it."

John Walvoord

(from Daniel: The Key to Prophetic Revelation, Copyright © 1971, by The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. All rights reserved.)

Jeremiah 11:18-19

18 Because the LORD revealed their plot to me, I knew it, for at that time he showed me what they were doing.

19 I had been like a gentle lamb led to the slaughter; I did not realize that they had plotted against me, saying, "Let us destroy the tree and its fruit; let us cut him off from the land of the living, that his name be remembered no more."


Is this just a coincidence? No. the Equidistant Letter Sequencing (ELS) Code was proven true by statistical test carried out by some of the brightest minds in the mathematics behind quantum physics and have been reported in a scientific journal.

What is the probability of this particular instance within this section of scripture which has been known as a Messianic Scripture, having to do with The Messiah, for thousands of years? The statisticians came to a conclusion that the probability of this occurrence by chance is 50 Quadrillion to one. That is 50,000,000,000,000,000 to 1.

You do not necessarily need to call yourself a Christian to be 'Born again' and a Follower of The Messiah. There are many Jews today who do believe Jesus (Yeshua) is the Son of God and the fulfillment of prophecy concerning the Seed of the Women we read back in Genesis 3:15)

One big problem with scientist who choose not to believe in a creator is the "chicken or the egg" syndrome. Which came first? They are still looking for the origin of the entire universe. If something exploded you can't say there was nothing there before the explosion... 'nothing' does not explode! If everything came to existence from a Pinnacle Point in the universe, someone had to create that Pinnacle Point and that point has to be something. Things don't create themselves. That is illogical and scientists know this is the problem with the Big Bang Theory. If we get rid of the creator of the universe and try to separate science from religion, which we cannot, then we have to scramble for a creator other than God as we find Him in the Bible, and scientist are even leaning into a Transhuman creator of the universe. Why? Because the universe and all life screams intelligent design and that means their has to be an intelligent designer.

The movie(s) and plays based on the Scopes Monkey Trial have created a paradigm shift in our society where Christians are portrayed as cruel simple people who have no education and are attempting to burn a biology teacher at the stake for professing truth and science. This is due to the indoctrination students go through. Understand if you are an educator, you have most likely gone through the same process of indoctrination which means you are oblivious to its affects.

A little satire below:

Brain Washing 101:
3 credit hours and 4 work hours per credit at the expense of your reason and personal ideology;
Have our ideas placed into your mind without ever knowing you are being lied to.
A painless endeavor where others control how you think, feel, and see the world.
You will be sure to 'know' that 'our ideas' are actually yours by the end of the course.
Brought to you by your public educational system.

$1,200.00 for the course not including registration and textbook. Passing grade is a 'C'.

Now and most likely into the future: this movie will present to young students in science and English classes in our educational systems the bias and lies portrayed so well in the movie as truth. The students are involved in plays as well to get them to experience the propaganda as being real. Talk about manipulation and indoctrination! Now if this is bothering you and you dislike Christians, do not dislike them for what the movie has taught you! Remember: you were educated to do so if you have watched this movie or had a discussion on it as it is presented as factual. In other words, you too are a victim of the propaganda. You have been recruited without your knowledge into an ideology of someone else's making and may never know the difference. And do not be upset with someone questioning Darwinian Evolution. If we are, this is due to indoctrination.

This is one reason why science must always be true. I believe the men fighting for science in the actual trial really believed in what they were espousing. Though hardly accurate in their claims. The movie itself is propaganda without a doubt aimed directly at Christianity but infecting all of society. In other words, even if you dislike Christianity, you can very well be a victim of the film and may never recognize what it produces in your indifference. That is propaganda at work. But you might say you know better. Really? If your emotions, discussions, and education have been based on a false pretense, then "knowing" does not behoove you when you are led to believe a lie as the truth. Just read on a little further below.

That is what makes propaganda and lies humanity's worst enemies. I apologize if the statements below offend anyone: But this analogy is important if we are to recognize how dreadful lies in educational systems can be and when media like television, news agencies including TV news broadcast, and play theaters portray a lie by employing some of the most well known and loved performers in the theatrical arts. Sugar coated and presented on a silver platter right before your eyes; like poison placed in a clear glass of water that cannot be seen, the water is thought to bring life to our cells, but it poisons us against a group of people for the sake as an end to a means by whomever wants to manipulate society to their ideology.

National Socialist German Worker's Party - NAZI

During WWII, little children were told their parents were their real enemies and given guns to shoot them in cold blood out in the open. The parents knew their children had been brainwashed to believe that they were their real enemies. The parents loved their children. But the Nazis could care less for both.

This is the making of propaganda. It has its own motives. It has its own desired results.

The parents saw before their eyes their own offspring, their children murdering their only security in a world, a world which took the parent's freedom and hope, preparing to kill their children's only hope - their very own parents: They saw the monsters who lied and manipulated the poor children and who knows what else might be done to those children once their parents are gone. Who would raise them? Who would care for them? The Nazis? They did not have what Hitler would consider the master race genetic trait and probably would be experimented on then exterminated for being less evolved.

"Hitler made his Social Darwinist and racial hygienic pronouncements" very clear and believed and justified his brutal evolutionary "ideology of a struggle for existence". In his confluence social, Darwinist, raciest, anti-Semitic and racial hygienic ideas, Hitler thought he possessed a worldview that was grounded in natural science."

"... many of the high level Nazi officers were outwardly very normal, family-oriented human beings."

HITLER AND THE DARWINIAN worldview, by Jerry Bergman, pp 30 31, ISBN 978-1-894400-49-7

Nazis! Family oriented human beings! This author mentions a few paragraphs previously in his book that the Nazis murdered over ten million non fighting men, women, and children. Do normal human beings teach children how to murder their parents and that their parents are their true enemies?

This author is NOT pro Nazi as you might jump to the conclusion from this brief quote. He is pointing out that the world around the Nazis seemed to completely agree with them. The Nazis did not go about with the blood of women and children on their chest to social events. What was there implanted in the hearts of all who believed man had descended from animals was the idea you can treat a human being like an animal and slaughter them without remorse. Lesser beings were to be removed from humanity's gene pool to improve the stock! The sick ideology birthed through Darwinian Evolution.

by Jerry Bergman
HITLER AND THE DARWINIAN worldview y Jerry Bergman "In addition to murdering Jews, the Nazis used Darwinian-inspired eugenics to justify the removal of several other "inferior races" and groups from the human gene pool. The categories the Nazis judged as "sub-human peoples" included Slavic peoples (especially Poles and Russians), Gypsies, Asiatic and Mongolian races and the disabled. These peoples were labeled racially inferior and less evolved, and, consequently, were claimed to have a genetically corrosive influence on society. Anyone who actively resisted the Nazis , such as Jehovah's Witnesses and the communists, were often sent to forced labor camps to die or were murdered directly."

My question to you is: Do you think we can be pitted against one another, against other people of different national origin, religious beliefs, or skin color and feel we are completely normal in our day to day life and have society agree with us?

The author Jerry Bergman mentions that the Nazis had no problem being accepted in their society. Could it be that Darwinian Ideology had people concerned more with improving the human race than murdering men, women and children in order to improve (by Hitler's sick perspectives and Darwinian concepts of genetics) the human gene pool? Could it be that torturing people in the most horrific ways is just fine due to some sick concepts derived from Darwinian Evolution supposedly for scientific research as well as based on the idea that there is no moral law giver we call God as we find Him in the Bible?

Can common citizens conduct themselves in such unimaginably evil ways due to social and supposed scientific influences? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes unfortunately.

Do You See Danger in Propaganda?

One more question for you to think about: If you were conducting a scientific experiment on white rats in cages, would you torture them needlessly and go through a financial expense and much time to do so?

Why did not the Nazis just kill the parents and the children outright but feel they needed to see the parents suffer. Why slowly starve to death tens of thousands of human beings. Would not that slow Darwinian Evolution?

Perhaps there is something truly sinister in propaganda. You may claim to be a Darwinist and are not a Nazi, but do you believe that propaganda like the movie Inherit the Wind is just harmless entertainment? The last question belongs right along with the previous questions. It cannot be separated from them.

In the same way, when we disregard truth for lies, we go down a slope which leads to greater deception. When does the truth prevail? Will you kill your neighbor? Will you report to the Nazis there are Jews or Christians hiding in such and such a place? Will you mock your coworker and slander your acquaintances?

What happens when scientist lie to the public about their findings? What happens when we are told there is no God Who says love your neighbor? What are the people who live in a country like that to do? Are you going to say your neighbor is guilty of an imagined crime and approach them with hostility? Are you going to hate the white, the black, the Jew, or any other group of people? Are the "less evolved" in some social manner or standing not as worthy as you are?

During the early days of the study of human anatomy, a scientist - Earnest Haeckel - who was a gifted artist, started to make drawings of what he claimed as true findings in his study. He drew images of transitional forms (A transitional form is a creature in the process of turning into another- never happened on planet earth outside of the museums and text books of academia.), and told society this is how humanity forms in the mother's womb and has been used for over a hundred years now to as proof for Darwinian Evolution.

You can see in his drawings something like a fish turning into a human embryo through several images in a series eventually till the last one is seen as an infant. I remember being told in school and shown in text books being illustrated by my instructor as a child about this. The text books had the fake drawings in color and very elaborated. Those graphics really catch the eye and the imagination of a child. Those images were declared false over a hundred years earlier than my given lesson.

Earnest Haeckel confessed to his professor in 1874 ((Haeckel's quasi confession.) about his fraudulent work, but that confession is now never to be found. What we do find is his false drawings of transitional forms are being used in education to indoctrinate young minds to believe in Darwinian Evolution till this very day. My experience with these images took place roughly 47 years ago in elementary school. Why hide a confession of fraud from the scientific and educational community? Is this what is to be expected from science and education? Especially here in the U.S.A.?

The images Haeckel drew are still used today to bring lies to the public mind as truth. Although the confession is nowhere to be found, we have record of these facts. Where do we find truth and safety? Do we not find truth in science departments of educational facilities?

This might not seem like the murder of truth in the afore mentioned atrocities, but I will say it is! Where do lies stop and where does truth begin? Can we trust our educational systems? Can we trust our news reporting agencies when what to print is based on what's popular and not on truth? How far and on what subject matter shall we lie about? When does it suffice a motive or personal agenda?

In some parts of the world children are placed before TVs where actors are dressed as cartoon characters holding knives and guns killing those whom the children are to believe are evil. This is not in the past as the Nazi error a half-century ago but takes place in our modern day.

How far is the movie "Inherit the Wind" from setting an antagonistic attack on those who are Christian? Especially since the movie is nothing more than an anti-Christian propaganda film. The movie is an attack - a propaganda attack on the Biblical view and on those who hold the Bible as true. This also took place in Nazi Germany before the Jews were rounded up and killed. Anti Jewish propaganda was first promoted before society took a stance to murder the Jews. Christianity has been degraded and slandered by professors in universities. The Christian view is belittled while others claim their views are better and should proceed over Christian views | rights. Today this has already set the mind of high level power brokers in the United States. Christians are called terrorist simply for not having the same view on issues and staying true to their teaching in the Bible.

We have removed the Bible and the 10 Commandments from our schools. One of the 10 Commandments states: 'Thou Shalt not kill.' We can't have statements like that in our schools and universities can we? One student wore a shirt which stated: 'Kill Your Teacher.' The school told the child he could not wear that to class. But a lawyer immediately came to the defense of the child and said 'that is his right.' So we can't have statements like 'Don't Kill' but one which suggest killing your teacher is just fine. Then we wonder what has happened in our schools.

There are 10 New Commandments ('Commandments For The Age Of Reason') inscribed in stones that are nineteen feet tall and weigh one hundred and nineteen tons. They are written in twelve languages on a stone monument in an artistic fashion. The number '1' Commandment is: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. That means billions of people would have to die if we are to obey the COMMAND. The people who inscribed this 'Commandment' are very serious inscribing it on stones weighing one hundred and nineteen tons and in 12 languages. But does not the title of the commandments sound so nice... 'Commandments For The Age Of Reason.' Is 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' not reasonable? How are 6.5 billion people going to disappear? Isn't there a better way of keeping the balance of nature than making 6.5 billion people disappear?
Read more:

Let's take a look at the transcript of the Scopes Trial itself. There has been a book based on the transcript of the trial and it is called, "The World's most Important Court Trial."

According to Lyon Sprague de Camp (Author.), who was not a great fan of the lawyer William Jennings Bryan (Bryan is the layer representing the town and its views on creation versus evolution - Lyon is not partial to the creation view of the Bible or Mr. Bryan.) tells us in his book

"The trial wasn't a 'witch hunt' as it has been called, because the accused and his defenders - the witches - were actually the hunters, stalking the law with the intent of overturning it or at least making it unenforceable."
"The Great Monkey Trial" Lyon Sprague de Camp, Doubleday & Company Inc. Garden City NY: 1968, p 490, Library of Congress catalog No. 67-11414.

The law in mind here that a group of layers wanted changed is the Butler Act. This law was in 36 states back in the 1920s. You can teach evolution within the bounds of this law - even macroevolution except when it comes to the origins of humanity.

a)This was not about defending John Scopes.
b)John Scopes was used | portrayed as a victim to change a law.
FACT 001:The people of Dayton Tennessee had nothing to do with Mr. Scopes whatsoever in regards to him teaching biology!
FACT 002:The people of Dayton Tennessee were actually the victims of a witch-hunt and so was Mr. Scopes.
FACT 003:The movie and plays of the actual trial, "The Most Important Court Trial of US History", are just propaganda brainwashing the public into thinking the opposite of what took place is true.
FACT 004:The 'witch hunters' were the lawyers supposedly defending Mr. Scopes and not the town's people who are Christians and are portrayed in the movie as fools on a witch-hunt for a biology teacher.

The law in mind here is the Butler Act. This law was in effect in 36 states back in the 1920s. You can teach evolution within the bounds of this law - even macroevolution except when it comes to the origins of humanity.

Why is the Scopes Trial considered to be
the most important court trial in US history?

Why is it important to believe in God who gives us morals to live by, which would prevent us from lying and killing one another to begin with if we obey Him? Why is it important that we do not believe we are a product of mathematical probabilities with no moral implications?

Let's think about this: If you believe in God, and actually follow the Bible's teaching:

1:Love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.
2: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Then you are to most likely to live a life in peace with those around you.
You should not steal from your neighbor:
You cannot kill anyone.
You cannot long for your neighbor's possessions: be at peace with your neighbor.
The Bible calls for the humane treatment of animals even in their preparation as food.

Now the statement:
"Survival of the Fittest"
is a true statement, but not in macroevolution ideology.

A fit buck will mate with more dears passing his genes to the future generations.
A fit dear will out run the tiger that is chasing it once again passing its genes on to the next generation.
Nevertheless, that does not mean that those genes become a different type of animal! They cannot!

Entropy works with genetics as well as everything else. Everything becomes disorganized on its own. It takes work and intelligent thought to make something better. Just think of your desk. It will become disorganized without too much effort or thought. But cleaning it and organizing everything on it takes intelligent effort. This is what we see in the entire universe.

The genetics of all life, copy after copy - generation after generation, becomes weaker and not stronger or better. Mutations lead to specimens that cannot propagate. While hard work will make one stronger, it will not literally change you into a moose or a bull.

A discussion on genetic entropy:

Bill Nugent; Article #302

"...this generation by generation mutational deterioration of the DNA gives a major blow to the Darwinian Evolution hypothesis."

"Cornell University geneticist, Dr. John Sanford, in his book Genetic Entropy, discusses, on page 26, the findings of a leading geneticist who sorted through thousands of mutations to find only 186 beneficial mutations versus 453,732 harmful mutations. That's a ratio of 2,439 harmful mutations to every one beneficial mutation. The upshot is that the human genome is devolving, not evolving."

"Evolutionists claim that harmful mutations are being eliminated by natural selection but this is not true. The mildly harmful mutations only tend to be eliminated over generations. The truth is that scientists in the field of population genetics have found that bad mutations are gradually accumulating in human DNA."

"All geneticists, whether evolutionary or creationist, agree that the overwhelming majority of mutations are harmful or neutral. I hesitate to use the term "neutral." Even the neutral mutations have not been proven to be totally harmless. Even neutral mutations constitute a subtle degradation of the genome."

"There is much dissent against Darwinism in the scientific community. Many scientists have embraced Intelligent Design as a new paradigm and affiliate with the Discovery Institute of Seattle Washington."

Bill Nugent: An award winning author
Article #302
Bill Nugent

Now: If you are a scientist and are told that there is evidence for the natural development of life on earth, you would want to pursue this idea. Darwin had found evidence of microevolution, which is minor changes within a 'type' - species. He speculated that this would lead to macroevolution. We have no evidence of the later: Just solid evidence of forgeries attempting to prove Darwin right on his speculation, which is macroevolution where we imagine animals turning into other creatures.

As Dr. D. James Kennedy has said;
"In Grimm's fairy tales, you kiss a frog and in two seconds, it becomes a prince. That is a fairy tale.

In evolution, you kiss a frog and in two million years, it becomes a prince
Dr. D. James Kennedy

Now: If you believe there is scientific proof that God does not exist, which we have none - even if Darwinian Evolution were true, it would not be proof of a non-God universe - you would not be bound by morals in any sense since people come to the conclusion that there is no God if I believe in Darwinism. You may become corrupted by your desires even though you would like to be moral. This can happen even if you do believe there is a God and decide to follow Him, but you will be striving against your conscience and a set of laws written in the Bible.

Being born again through receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you become a new creation and have entrance into Heaven. The law is now written upon your heart. If you break those laws, you know it. Within the Darwinian paradigms, if you kill and survive, you just followed natures law of survival. You did not break any law that Darwinian theory has given but followed it and survived. Do you see the difference?

Speaking of the Christian: The only way to truly stay moral as far as a perfect God is concerned, which we find in the Bible, is to accept Jesus as the perfect sacrifice. You become a new creation when you do! That new creation allows you to enter Heaven and avoid Hell. Now even if you fail in your morality, God sees the work of Jesus as your atonement, God sees you as a perfect being. That 'New Creation' you become is patterned after the Second Adam as Rabbi Saul (Apostle Paul) has told us in the New Testament and Peter reiterates "not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible seed." And we are told in the Bible that the seed puts forth after its kind. We become literally Sons / Daughters of God. A New Creation!

We who are in control of this planet will make decisions, which will affect all life on earth and change how we view one another based on our ideology as to whether we are created in the image of God Who told us to love one another and is said to be love.

If we believe, whether true or not, we came from a slimy pool some lighting struck millions of years ago where no moral ideology exists, who is to say 'one is a tyrant or hero' or to say if such a person even exists? Hitler did not think so.

Hitler's propaganda actually suggested he was helping evolution along
and tried to justify the murder of millions of people based on Darwinian Evolution.

Our school systems changed dramatically after the Scopes Trial. The fake trial, which was presented for the purpose of enforcing some lawyer's personal views upon the American public by complete manipulation of facts, had brought the minds of America's youth to a Godless place where morals do not exist. But what are those facts? Read on below.


John Scopes, at the time of the trial, did not have a degree in science.
He was not teaching biology in Tennessee and he could not have broken
the Butler Act as he was
accused of.

No Christian, no politician, no principle, no law enforcement agent
outside of the ones instructed to do so on false premises
had ever accused John Thomas Scopes of breaking any laws.

The entire court case was a setup.

To add injury to any conceivable hope of honesty which we would like to see in men; the entire Movie - 'Inherit the Wind' shows the complete inverse of the truth in regards to what took place in Dayton Tennessee.

The entire movie was a setup - a propaganda film designed to attack Christian values.

FACT 005:John Thomas Scopes was not teaching evolution and could not have broken the Butler Act.
FACT 006:Scopes graduated in prelaw from the University of Kentucky: July 1925.
FACT 007:Scopes taught only 1 year in his entire life in the Rhea County School in Dayton Tennessee.
FACT 008:Scopes was not a science teacher. He filled in a few days during the end of the semester for an ill biology teacher.
FACT 009:John Scopes taught math and coached football.
FACT 010:The movie and the play "The Scopes Trial" portray the people of Dayton Tennessee as hating John Scopes for teaching evolution which is a complete lie.
FACT 011:John Scopes was actually popular in Dayton Tennessee as the football team had done very well the year he coached.
FACT 012:John Scopes filled in for a sick biology teacher for the last two weeks of the school year a Mr. Ferguson.

Mr. Scopes himself testifies on a recorded message we read below:

This conversation took place during the trial. Mr. Scopes did not want this published because he said; I would become the laughing stock of the whole world.



(Conversation between Mr. Scopes and William K. Hutchinson of the International News Service during the last days of the trial)

The "That evolution lesson" is what might have been presented to him by the lawyers as we will see the lawyers did present a biology book to Mr. Scopes that was to be used as evidence; although Scopes never used that book himself in a classroom.

Being coached by lawyers is called perjury.

John Scopes was coaxed by a friend into cooperating with the lawyers due to economic interest of getting the town on the map. Scopes's friend, George W. Rappleyea married into a family who owned a large iron and coal mine in Dayton Tennessee.

How did Mr. Rappleyea hear of the lawyer's interest in the case? He was visiting Chattanooga Tennessee and had read an ad in a press release by the Chattanooga Daily Times

"We are looking for a Tennessee teacher
who is willing to accept our services in testing this law in the courts"

FACT 013:The people of Dayton Tennessee did not attack Scopes and have him arrested, which is portrayed in the movie. Scopes got involved due to a friend's suggestion by answering an ad in a local paper.
FACT 014:The people of the town in no way shape or form come against Mr. Scopes for teaching humanity descended from beast. Instead, the lawyers themselves presented the case against the community.
FACT 015:The witch-hunt was conducted by the lawyers and not the Christians, not the pastor, not the politicians, and not by the school.
FACT 016:The arrest of John Scopes was only performed for the sake of getting the town on the map in the hopes of Mr. Rappleyea having some economic fallout in his favor.

This means the town's people have no reason to arrest Mr. Scopes. Rappleyea suggests to the lawyers we are ready to arrest him for your test case. The Lawyers were only interested in their own beliefs being imposed in the educational system. There was never a reason to arrest Mr. Scopes for breaking any laws! The whole case was contrived for the lawyers and Mr. Rappleyea's purposes.

FACT 017:John Scopes never spent a day or night in jail as we see in the propaganda movie Inherit the Wind.

Sue Hicks from Hicks & Hicks Law Firm prepared the arrest warrant for John Scopes. Mr. Scopes was immediately released on a one-thousand-dollar bond. He did not even have to put up his own bail money. He was invited to a meeting with the law firm that wanted to 'test' the Butler Act and given a biology book (A Civic Biology - George W. Hunter.) to go over. This particular biology book did teach that humanity descended from apes. Although the fact that Scopes was not the biology teacher did not matter to the layers nor the fact that Mr. Scopes had not used this book in his brief term in the classroom. Talk about leading a witness!

Just a quick fact on the book, "A Civic Biology" and sadly enough upon society, is that Darwinian Evolution placed racism on the scientific level thus justifying it by scientific reason. That is not to say that everyone in society is racist but that the ideology of 'man evolving' brought racism into play and even legitimized it in circles within Nazi Germany and other places based on 'scientific' reasoning.

Blacks, Asians, even poor Irish people starving during the Potato Famine, were considered less evolved than other whites. Hitler believed Germans were more highly evolved than all other races. Now what does that reasoning do? If you enslaved 'less evolved people', you are not immoral based on Darwinian ideology.

Here is a quote from Stigma Spring 2016:
William Henry Johnson
William Henry Johnson "Zip was known not just for his curious origins, but for his upbeat, positive demeanor; as one spectator wrote, "he amuses the crowd and the crowd amuses him." His showmanship extended far beyond Barnum's eventual death, and he performed into his late eighties. He was also a masterful marketer: during 1925's Scopes Trial, he offered himself as living proof of evolution, generating a massive amount of publicity."
Stigma Spring 2016

Now William Henry Johnson (Zip) was a child of a newly freed slave couple who lived in NJ. Mr. Johnson, Zip, was employed in a circus freak show and promoted as the 'missing link' (A living transitional form.) within the Scopes Trial. What is sad here is the idea, which is held as true according to evolution, is that some races of humanity evolved faster or evolved earlier than others. Black people were viewed as less developed than white people were. This also gave man's sinful conscience some relief as to the crimes they had committed against blacks and other races and it is all justified by Darwinism / science!

This is a chronic problem in our society. Hitler justified his destruction of the Jews based on Darwinian Theory. Theoretically, you cannot argue against Hitler if Darwinian Evolution were true, which it is not. If you do argue morality in any form, you have to be standing on a God centered morality. Darwinian paradigms have non to offer.

Watch this 4 minute video 00:04:21.00
What Power does TV produce in Altering a Culture's Perspectives!
When lies are presented at truths, the end results can be devastating!

To argue morals, whether one wants to or not, one must stand on the moral accounts found in the Bible.

Darwin cannot give us morals. The Bible does. Even if you are an atheist, your argument for moral treatment of others must be on the bases of the Bible.

Natural Selection has no morals but contrarily "Survival of the Fittest" is the cliché and mantra.

What does the Bible say? Jesus has told us that the greatest commandments we have from God the Father are:

Matthew 22:36-40

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

37 Jesus said unto him,
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it,
Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

With an ideology like that, you cannot justify enslaving human beings like animals in cages. It is now science which brings us to an end in our day not religion as some have stated. But it is really neither. Those who claim Jesus as the Lord and Savior know Him through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. That is God living in you. The Law is written upon the heart of those whom decide to follow Jesus and reject the ways of this world. Hopefully they will obey those laws and do what Jesus has told and shown us. Love!

But those who hold to "Survival of the Fittest" and the "dog eat dog" mentality will just be doing what nature has prescribed as they learned in a science class called Darwinian Evolution. Under these laws, people will destroy one another with no regard. They do not need to regard the death of those around them when there is no moral law giver and those who speak of Him are just fools ... "Inherently Wind."

A commentary here worthy of mentioning since Hitler based his destruction of millions of people on Darwinian Theory and many feel we can entrust ourselves with altering the human genome.

There has been a recent discussion on a DVD titled InHuman with Dr. Thomas Horn ( discussing what effects will human enhancements have on society. These enhancements will create a race of beings whom are vastly superior in many respects to normal human beings. Transhumanism will bring to the table genetically altered humans who can think thousands of times faster than the average person.

Who will get the job after graduating? The child with the family that can afford the 'upgrade.' These enhancements will be passed on genetically. The shift between normal humans and transhumans will be unimaginable.

This is another discussion. Nonetheless I placed a preview of the DVD from Sid Roth's Ministry. You can order this DVD through Sid Roth or through

This is an award winning documentary discussing the manipulation of our DNA and what the end results might be.

Watch this 10 minute video 00:09:47.00
What will the end result be physically and socially with our tampering of our DNA?

Dr. Thomas R. Horn

Mr. Rappleyea got Clarence Darrow involved in the case, which was sure to get headline publicity. Something Rappleyea wanted.

Clarence Darrow: Some say the most famous criminal lawyer in America, was to defend that supposed terrible criminal John Scopes who dared to sit in a classroom as a substitute teacher for a few days while the biology teacher was out sick.

Mr. Scopes was being prompted by the law firm and by Clarence Darrow as he was already shown a biology book that he probably never seen before, which was to be used as evidence in this mock trial.

Let us meet the Dayton Tennessee's defense:

Williams Jennings Brian
Scopes Mokey Trial - Prophecy Today Ministries Williams Jennings Brian, one of America's greatest orators and three-time presidential candidate, was to prosecute Mr. Scopes while Clarence Darrow would defend him. Williams Jennings Brian could be considered a very progressive liberal. He was a Christian man who did not believe in war and spoke out against WWI.

Here is a list of Williams Jennings Brian's accomplishments while he served as secretary of state:

a) Played an important role in the Popular Election of Senators.
b) He was involved in the development of the Department of labor
c) Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
d) Workman's Compensation
e) Minimum Wage
f) Women's suffrage
g) Minority rights
h) Pure Food and Drug Act
i) He tried to prevent WWI

Once he got involved in the Scopes Trial, the media began to portray Williams Jennings Brian in a different light than the liberal politician fighting for people's rights. Williams Jennings Brian was popular and from his track record - a bastion of good.

Defending the Bible and the Judeo Christian concept which states humanity is made in the image of God; humanity did not evolve due to environmental conditions and mathematical probabilities, he would be far less than a man for human rights. Clarence Darrow, a liberals liberal, supported Williams bid for presidency during his first two runs. Now this bastion for human rights became a crusader against science in the eyes of the media as news papers placed ad-cartoons of Mr. Williams as a foolish boy who needed correction. Also Mr. Clarence Darrow, who supported Mr. Williams bid for presidency, came to the rescue of the so called defendant John Scopes. Mr. Scopes needed defense from the lawyers defending him and so did the rest of the United States. A Lawyer's personal convictions and their personal perspectives should not shape a nation over the people's will who live within it.

Here we have the manipulation of laws for the sake of the view of a few while another group is disowned of their views, belittled, and portrayed as fools who no one should listen to. The propaganda movie Inherit the Wind did just that. The universities and news media followed suit and still do.

One newspaper has a cartoon drawing of Williams treating all scientific discoveries as scrap as the image shows a man emptying a garbage pall over a cliff into the dark ages. Now the defense lawyer, Clarence Darrow, who defended the worst of the worst criminals (even two men who killed a boy for the thrill of killing) are spared their death penalty by the defense of Clarence Darrow including other notorious criminals.

But how did the media treat Clarence Darrow? With the utmost care. What is ironic is the whole movie portrayal of the case was the inverse of the truth.

This dilemma, the idea of anyone who believes in what the Bible says is not educated, is a farce as large as the propaganda movie we are discussing here. The next section puts away this myth: Some of the greatest scientific discoveries were made by confessing Christians and men who believed there is a God.

Bible Believing Christians & Those who believe in God:
Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543) Robert Boyle (1791-1867)
Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1627) Michael Faraday (1791-1867)
Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) Gregor Mendel (1822-1884)
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) William Thomson Kelvin (1824-1907)
Rene Descartes (1596-1650) Max Planck (1858-1947)
Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
Isaac Newton (1642-1727)


Also there are amazingly profound codes within the Bible which ascribe super natural design in the book itself:
An Integrated Message

"The great discovery is that the Bible is a message system: it's not simply 66 books penned by 40 authors over thousands of years, the Bible is an integrated whole which bears evidence of supernatural engineering in every detail."

Dr. Missler PhD

Dr. Missler discusses on the video below one of the several codes tucked away in the Bible. Codes that are so complex it would be impossible for anyone to have created them other than God. This code - the Heptadic code - would take millions of super computers to create in just one section - the last 12 verses of the Gospel of Mark:

Missler uses the example of a person attempting to write the section of the Gospel with pen and paper giving each attempt 10 minutes. Since the Gospels were written 2 thousand years ago, the writers could not have done better than that.

He upgrades these attempts with computers putting out 400,000,000.00 tries per second. There are 35,536,000.00 seconds per year. That means multiply:
400,000,000.00 tries times 35,536,000.00 seconds = 12,614,400,000,000,000
(12.6414 Quadrillion) tries per year.
Now we're getting somewhere. Right???

Not so quickly. This process would still take over 4 Million years (4.3 Million)! So, it is safe to say, mathematical (scientifically) speaking that the pen of the authors of the Gospel were guided by the Holy Spirit Whom is God.

Now: If you have a problem with the being we call God, could it be due to a culture paradigm? Perhaps if a scientist told you a Transhuman could accomplish this task, would you rather have that term or let us say feel more comfortable with that terminology? If so, this is due to our paradigm and not whether there is a God or not.

If you cannot accept the Bible's miraculous design though it can be tested in a lab with forensic science, then you have created a god in your image. You have made a god that satisfies your paradigm. Why? Because there is no naturalistic explanation for the universe and life. We have created an imagined scenario called Darwinian Evolution. Of course there is real science in examining the the world around us. But scientist have gone as far to make false fossils to support their paradigm / religion.

Since we also have been indoctrinated into a concept that has no place in science and that is Darwinian Evolution on the macro scale. We create imagined scenarios of what might have happened. And that is exactly what a Posthuman (A Posthuman is discussed above in Tom Horn's video) would be for better or worse and many think it will be the end of humanity as we know it.

And that is exactly what we have done by creating monkey-men which never lived on earth but are seen in museums and textbooks. We made a god in our own image. The Bible ascribes its origins to someone far greater than man. That someone is God and there is forensic and statistics - science behind the text which cannot be denied by science but perhaps you - do you not accept the findings of the Bible and what it teaches due to personal choice? That is the only reason you would not accept the Bible as the word of God.

But there turns out to be much more below the surface. Ivan Panin noted the amazing numerical properties of the Biblical texts - both the Greek of the New Testament and the Hebrew of the Old Testament. These are not only intriguing to discover, they also demonstrate an intricacy of design which testifies to a supernatural origin!
Dr. Missler Phd.

The Heptadic Codes. Watch this 11 Minute Video
Dr. Charles W. Missler
May 28, 1934 - May 1, 2018
Koinonia House   


Watch this 13 Minute Video

The Holy Bible

Zechariah chapter 4 verse 6
Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying,
  1. Not by might
  2. nor by power
  3. but by my spirit
saith the LORD of hosts.

See the verses in the Book of Mark where the example Dr. Missler discusses the unmistakable hand of God in the writing of the Biblical text in his documentary, "How we got Our Bible." These verses have to do with the Resurrection and the witness of this account as well as the Command to Preach the Gospel.

Phillip E. Johnson
Title: Jefferson E. Peyser Professor of Law, Emeritus
Department: Boalt Hall School of Law

Phillip E. Johnson is a graduate of Harvard and the University of Chicago.
He was a law clerk for Chief Justice Earl Warren of the United States Supreme Court and taught law for more than thirty years at the University of California at Berkeley, where he is the Jefferson Peyser Emeritus Professor of Law.

"...a remarkable lecture given by Colin Patterson at the American Museum of Natural History in 1981.

Patterson is a senior paleontologist at the British Natural History Museum and the author of that museum's general text on evolution.

His lecture compared creationism (not creation-science) with evolution, and characterized both as scientifically vacuous concepts which are held primarily on the basis of faith."

"First, Patterson asked his audience of experts a question which reflected his own doubts about much of what has been thought to be secure knowledge about evolution: -

Can you tell me anything you know about evolution,
any one thing... that is true?

I tried that question on the geology staff at the Field Museum of Natural History and the only answer I got was silence. I tried it on the members of the Evolutionary Morphology seminar in the University of Chicago, a very prestigious body of evolutionists, and all I got there was silence for a long time and eventually one person said

"I do know one thing- it ought not to be taught in high school."

"Patterson suggested that both evolution and creation are forms of pseudo-knowledge, concepts which seem to imply information but do not. One point of comparison was particularly striking. A common objection to creationism in pre-Darwinian times was that no one could say anything about the mechanism of creation. Creationists simply pointed to the "fact" of creation and conceded ignorance of the means.

But now, according to Patterson, Darwin's theory of natural selection is under fire and scientists are no longer sure of its general validity.

Evolutionists increasingly talk like creationists in that they point to a fact but cannot provide an explanation of the means."

Darwin on Trial, 2nd Edition 1993, by Philip E. Johnson, pp 9-10, ISBN 978-0-8308-132-7

Watch this two Minute Video; 00:01:50.00

The only degree Charles Darwin had was a degree in theology. He had no scientific degree. Some today consider Darwinian Evolution to be a religion and not a science.

There were thousands of news reporters from all over the world that came to the little town of Dalton Tennessee; sixty-five telegraph operators alone. These reporters did not need to get near the courthouse where the trial was held.

To paraphrase Dr. Menton;

"They were already told by their newspapers to report that creation..." -
specifically that man was created by God in the image of God -
was a foolish idea and to promote evolution.
"The prominence brought to the case by the nation's two foremost attorneys gave the farce trial worldwide publicity.

John Thomas Scopes
Scopes Mokey Trial - Prophecy Today Ministries John Thomas Scopes One thing we must consider: Did John Thomas Scopes break the law, the Butler Act, which states a teacher cannot teach students the human race descended from apes?

The whole case rest on this and this alone.

There is no reason to have a court case with John Scopes as a defendant who did not brake the law.

Note Williams Jennings Brian didn't mind evolution being taught (Note they did not have the scientific knowledge we have today which would proves macroevolution impossible.). As long as you present facts for - or against the theory. He believed this was a good idea. Today in our schools if a scientist accidentally makes a discovery that contradicts macroevolution, he may be relieved from his position. If a teacher discusses doubt in a classroom about Darwinism, she most likely will be dismissed.

Clarence Darrow
Scopes Mokey Trial - Prophecy Today Ministries Darrow's objective in the Scopes Trial was to go after fundamentalist. Those who take the Bible literally. Therefore, Scopes guilt was not a concern.

As we discussed the whole Scopes Trial was a sham.

"My object, and my only object, was to focus the attention of the country on the progamme of Mr. Bryan and the other fundamentalist in America."

"What I object to is the hardness that seems to be part of reform. These bodies constantly seek to cause trouble for someone; many of their members are interested in Sunday Laws, in fighting drink, in stopping the small gambling games that are the enjoyment of the poor, in regular personal conduct, in their small, pestiferous, nagging manner that makes life a burden."

Clarence Darrow: The Story of my Life 1932; ISBN 0-306-80738-6 p. 123

Now the scientists (expert witnesses) expressing their ideas to the judge in regards to the evolutionary process continually go to the concept of cells dividing and growing in number to form a larger body, which may lead to the formation of a human-being eventually according to their failed logic and scientific inquiry in assuming that growth equals an animal changing into another type of animal: Darwinian Evolution (macroevolution). A body growing to adulthood does not prove or mimic macroevolution.

Today, scientist know that a single cell is more complex than New York City with all the pipes, wires, streets, and all else that makes up every building and the accommodating hardware of the entire city. This is due to the discovery of the DNA molecule and all the other factors within a living single cell.

The Complexity of The Single Cell


Mathematically speaking, for just a single cell to form without purpose from an intelligent designer - God - would take the same probability of a Jumbo 747 Jet Airliner forming after a hurricane sweeps through a junkyard putting the 747 jet together as the winds blow about. And then watching the plane take off. Let us clarify exactly - scientifically how improbably it is for a cell to develop without specific intelligent design and I mean God when I say intelligent design.

For just a single "protein" to develop without guided intelligence gives us a probability of
1 to
100,000,000,000, 000,000,000, 000,000,
000,000,000, 000,000,000, 000,000,000,
000,000,000, 000,000,000, 000,000,000,
000,000,000, 000,000,000, 000,000,000,
000,000,000, 000,000,000, 000,000,000,
000,000,000, 000,000,000, 000,000,000,

or 1 to 10164 which is read as 10 to the 164th. power. (Ten to the One Hundred sixty fourth Power.)

Any event that is at 10 to the 50th. power (1 to 1050) is dismissed by mathematicians as impossible.

Now we have not even begun to discuss 'life' and how it starts. In addition, there was no experiment, which proves the "proteins" necessary for life could have had their beginning in a primordial soup when lighting strikes. The facts of this experiment were never developed in the public eye for the sake of Darwinian Evolution being promoted like a cultic religion that must be believed.

I have to despair somewhat since I truly do love science.
Now lets look at life, the single cell. That little complexity you cannot see with the naked eye yet is so vastly complex:

For a single cell to form without a guided design, we have the probability of:

1 to 10340,000,000
That number 10 with the 340,000,000 means number starting with a '10' followed by Three Hundred and Forty Million Zeros! The previous number we looked at 10164 has a 10 with a 164 zeros following it which I drew copying 10 zeros at a time and pasting them in place. I will not do that with the number in discussion for the single cell! We would need 2,073,171 (Over 2 Million) times the number of zeros in the protein example!

In other words, a single cell forming on its own due to natural unguided intelligence would be impossible. Just remember the Jumbo Jet 747 airliner being built by a tornado as it rips through a garbage dump and then watch the plane take off. It is not going to happen ever. Do not believe a scientist when they speak of time creating an event's possibility.

How big is 10340,000,000 ? It is estimated that a there are 1,000,000 grains of sand in a half a cup. It would take 1,000,000 (1 million) cups of sand to fill a swimming pool that is 6 feet deep and 30 feet in diameter. Take 1 billion (1,000,000,000.00) pools of this size and you can fill Lake Tahoe in Nevada which is 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. It would take about 1 billion Lake Tahoe to fill the volume of the earth with sand. "Boy we must be getting there by now wouldn't you hope so!" But we have only begun and we are nowhere near the the end but just a tiny scratch off the beginning to where we need to go to get to the probability of reaching the formation of a single cell.

So far we have reached the number 1 to 1030 ... if you pick the right grain of sand from the entire earth's volume worth of sand - The whole earth being composed of sand, then you have reach 1 to 1030. Congratulations!

Just to clarify; remember the old saying if you have a penny and double it each day, by the end of the month you would have a million dollars? That is the principle here. We are dealing with exponential expansion. If you have 10 cups turned down on a table and one of those cups had a marble under it, I would have 1 in 10 chance to pick the right cup with the marble beneath it. That can be written like this: 1 to 101. So instead of trying to pick from 10 cups, imagine trying to pick 1 grain of sand from a pile of sand as big as planet earth! that is 1 to 1030

It would take 100,000,000 (100 million) earths to fill the volume of the sun, and 100,000,000,000,000. (100 Trillion) suns to fill our solar system's worth with sand. 10,000,000,000,000. (10 Trillion) solar systems to fill 1 cubit lightyear; 100,000,000,000,000 (100 Trillion ) cubit light years to fill our Milky Way Galaxy; and finally 10,000,000,000,000 Milky Way Galaxies to fill our universe with sand. That is a lot of sand. A grain of sand is about the size of a period on this page! WOW! We must really be getting their by now! But we have reached just a scratch further along and haven't even begun to reach what it would take to form a single cell. We have reached the number 1096, and we will leave it at that. Well, I know that 96 is less than 340,000,000. The example just expressed above - filling the entire universe with sand - has only 96 zeros after the 10. The number needed for a single cell to form on its own is a 10 followed by Three Hundred and Forty Million Zeros!

2http://Creation.comProgrammingLife DVD "The Programming of Life": DVD is based on the book by the same title.

You may think I'm a bit over zealous for my faith, my Christianity especially when I criticize Darwinian Evolution, but here my emotions are kindled by the idea that scientist resort to deception with no regard nor morality in their decisions in misleading the public.

So my question to you is: Do you not care that scientist mislead the public purposely on issues as this? Why was the Scopes Trial considered the most important court trial in U.S. History? Don't you understand it matters?

Speaking to my Christian brothers and sisters, if you are a Christian and believe it does not matter when it comes to Salvation, you are indoctrinated and wrong!

Just look into the faces of those who 'know' better than to even listen to what you have to day due to Darwinism.

Then we must consider how the DNA must code itself to change into another form so much so it turns into another creature, which does not happen, has never been observed, and cannot happen since DNA does not work in this fashion: There has never been a beneficial mutation. All mutations die off and do not become more enhanced beings as we are told - lied to.

Now let us look at the witness - the so-called experts / scientist - on the theory of macroevolution. This is really terrible for anyone who has a love for science. We are looking at a discussion of how an egg grows to become a chicken and read that a scientist calls this proof for Darwinian Evolution. Big mistake or Big lie? What took place in the Scopes Monkey Trial? Here is a professional testimony in one of our country's biggest sham trials also labeled as the most important trial in U.S. History.

Dudley Field Malone:

"All these stages of development can be seen, preserved and are used in the course of instruction in any of the great medical schools of the country. The embryo becomes a human being when it is born. Evolution never stops from the beginning of the one cell until the human being returns in death to lifeless dust. We wish to set before you evidence of this character in order to stress the importance of the theory of evolution. If the teaching of the theory of evolution in this field is to be excluded by law you will have to find adequate training for your doctors in medical schools outside of your state or you will have to import physicians from Chicago and New York, as the defendant Scopes had to import Mr. Darrow and myself."

Horvath, Anthony. The Transcript of the Scopes Monkey Trial: Complete and Unabridged (Kindle Locations 5085-5091). Suzeteo Enterprises. Kindle Edition.

Sentence # 1: Looking at the first sentence in Mr. Malone's professional testimony. We see that the great medical schools of the country are misleading their students. The professors, the scientist, the biologist, all know and still do till this day that an egg becoming a bird is not evolution. They are either brainwashed so thoroughly that they cannot see this simple fact or they lie out of habit and sociopolitical correctness.

Sentence # 2: An embryo is a human being when it is an embryo. It is not a salamander, or other creature, which we have been led to believe by a scientist who deliberately lied to us (See Haeckel's Drawings below.)

Sentence # 3: A human being growing is not proof for Darwinian Evolution! This is an outright lie when it comes from a scientist!

Let me make short of the rest of this testimony here.

Sentence # 4 and # 5: Basically, Mr. Malone is telling the Judge we have to lie to the students (There is no evidence!) to prove Darwinian Evolution, or we can't teach Darwinian Evolution. (And that is the only truth spoken in this testimony.) And if we exclude teaching students that man came from beast by law, you will have to import scientist like myself to lie to you.

First, we know Scopes never broke any law, which is why the trial is in place technically.

There are no transitional forms taking place within the womb of a woman, outside of the faked drawings by Mr. Haeckel whom drew transitional forms developing within the womb of a woman. These drawings were found to be fake and are still used to brainwash students into believing in the Darwinian Cult. Just search online for Haeckel's Drawings. Do you wonder why you might have a hard time not believing in Darwinian Evolution?

You do not have to ponder that thought too long before it will hurt and upset you if you love truth and science. You may feel your head hurting you by now, but that is the result of being in a cult called Darwinism.

Now let me explain this in layman's terms: an egg, which is in use at the Scopes Trial as an example for an ape turning into a human being, develops the way it does due to the coding within the DNA. I am not a biologist but this is plain enough. The experts did not know of the DNA molecule during the Scopes Trial. Although this is not an excuse for the long list of faked examples of transitional forms. And neither is it an excuse for the statements we are reading here given by professional witnesses in the field of science in the Scopes Trial.

The egg is 'designed' by the DNA code to be exactly what it is. There is nothing in regards to an egg yoke becoming a bird that is pointing to macroevolution! A child growing to be an adult is not proof for macroevolution! We must understand that much as being scientifically true.

We do see microevolution as Darwin did find. He himself stated we must find proof of macroevolution or his theory would have to be put away. Until this day we have not found a transitional form. But we do have a long list of hand forged fossils! How come that might be so? Because of the fact we want to make true what we believe to be so. And it must be so because of the indoctrination into this false science we call Darwinism. We also have been indoctrinated to believe that the Bible is a book of superstitions and primitive religious ideas. If you have this view I hope the scientific statements regarding the Bible's miraculous design in of and itself shows the Bible to be much more than that and your paradigm has not kept you from seeing this. Besides the outright design, within the text we have archaeological proof of the statements we find in the Bible.

Microevolution: Microevolution is a minor change, which Darwin observed, for instance in the length of the finch's beak due to the seasonal rains being plentiful or not so: thus; providing a different food source for the finch, which in turn necessitated the longer or shorter beak. We have different types of dogs, cats, and people. We do not have a dog becoming a horse or the other way around, which was speculated at one time. We do not, and let me say that again, we do not have any transitional forms of apes becoming people! We have more controversial specimens here than in all other areas of macroevolution. And this is precisely why the Scopes Trial took place, to change a law that states you cannot teach mankind came from animals. It is actually a very good law since we have empirical proof of faked fossils and frauds and no empirical proof of any creature becoming another creature.

We have empirical scientific proof that we have been lied to. We have no empirical proof of Darwinian Evolution although we are told in the textbooks Darwin's theory must be true. This sounds like someone wants you to have blind faith in Darwin. What is interesting is that the Bible does not call us to have blind faith but to test the scriptures. Oh, by the way, if you don't have blind faith in Darwin you will fail your test. Don't cross the line with your science teacher when it comes to apes turning into people. Your teacher is a member of the Darwinian religion and accredited with the ability to be a high priest in this faith.

Regarding Ernst Haeckel's faked drawings:  These drawings known to be fraudulent for more than a hundred years are in use today in the brainwashing of little children and adults into the Darwinian Cult whom the Nazis favored highly.
Ernst Haeckel
Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) was a professor of zoology and marine biologist, as well as a qualified medical doctor who was involved at the University of Jena during most of his academic lifetime. Besides his interests in biology, he was also a passionate artist who paid attention to many fine details in his artworks. His artwork was mainly about living creatures. But Haeckel is perhaps best known for his deception, using his wonderful talent as an artist combined with his authority as a scientist to convince people that Darwinian Evolution is a fact.

"Nigel Hawkes interviewed Richardson for The Times (London). In an article describing Haeckel as 'An embryonic liar', he quotes Richardson:

'This is one of the worst cases of scientific fraud. It's shocking to find that somebody once thought was a great scientist was deliberately misleading. It makes me angry ... What he [Haeckel] did was to take a human embryo and copy it, pretending that the salamander and the pig and all the others looked the same at the same stage of development. They don't ... These are fakes.'

Haeckel not only changed the drawings by adding, omitting, and changing features but, according to Richardson and his team, 'he also fudged the scale to exaggerate similarities among species, even when there were 10-fold differences in size. Haeckel further blurred differences by neglecting to name the species in most cases, as if one representative was accurate for an entire group of animals'

Ernst Haeckel's drawings were declared fraudulent by his Professor in 1874 and were included in Haeckel's quasi confession, but according to Richardson,

'Haeckel's confession got lost after his drawings were subsequently used in a 1901 book called Darwin and After Darwin and reproduced widely in English language biology texts."

Scopes Monkey Trial Prophecy Today Minstries Haeckel's Fake drawing "Haeckel's ideas of racial superiority soon began to resemble the racism of the infamous Arthur de Gobineau. Haeckel was especially active and successful in promoting the application of social Darwinism to social policy. His central focus was on the idea that social Darwinism explained why some civilizations advanced while others remained primitive. Haeckel made important contributions in several areas of science such as invertebrate zoology, but his greatest influence was, ultimately, in another, tragic direction- national socialism [Nazism]".

Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia. "Arthur de Gobineau". Encyclopedia Britannica, 9 Oct. 2022, biography/Arthur-de-Gobineau. Accessed 31 December 2022.

Scopes Monkey Trial Prophecy Today Minstries Haeckel's Arthur_de_Gobineau "In the Essai Gobineau asserted the superiority of the white race over others and labeled the "Aryans"-i.e., the Germanic peoples-as representing the summit of civilization. He advanced the theory that the fate of civilizations is determined by racial composition, that white and in particular Aryan societies flourish as long as they remain free of black and yellow strains, and that the more a civilization's racial character is diluted through miscegenation, the more likely it is to lose its vitality and creativity and sink into corruption and immorality.

Gobineau's theories, now discredited, were the product of years of historical, anthropological, and ethnological studies and were part of a general European interest in biological and sociological determinism.

The Essai had a marked effect on the thinking of such men as the Germans Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche, and, in time, a movement called Gobinism developed. In the 20th century, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, an English disciple of Wagner, and Adolf Hitler were among those who turned to Gobineau for inspiration".

"These ideas were greatly expanded by Ernst Haeckel and other scientists in Germany. Charles Darwin and his cousin Francis Galton were not the originators of eugenics and racism, but served to popularize it enormously and give it scientific respectability as no other men in history did. Hitler was a voracious reader but , as far as we know, never read Darwin's works, but he did read those of Darwin's German disciples, such as Ernst Haeckel and others who popularized Darwin 's theory."

"..most of Hitler's knowledge about Darwinism and his anti-Semitic ideas came from newspapers, magazines pamphlets and other popular writing since they were very popular topics then. It is well documented that Ernst Haeckel and the German scientific establishment had a major influence on the Nazi leadership. Further- more, it was Darwin himself who was responsible for popularizing, on a global scale, the ideas of evolution via survival-of-the-fittest natural selection. Although anti-Semitism existed in Europe long before Hitler, one major difference existed in Hitler's anti-Semitism, namely it was based squarely on race and reflected the influence of Darwinism."

"His evolutionary racism; his call to the German people for racial purity and unflinching devotion to ...his belief that harsh, inexorable laws of evolution ruled human civilization and nature alike, conferring upon favored races the right to dominate others .... His brave words about objective science-all contributed to the rise of Nazism. The Monist League that he had founded and led ...made a comfort- able transition to active support for Hitler." HITLER AND THE DARWINIAN worldview, by Jerry Bergman, pp 106 109, ISBN 978-1-894400-49-7

Speaking of frauds as well as mistakes being promoted as genuine finds for evolution, we have the All American - Nebraska Man!

I don't know for sure, but I do seem to remember seeing the display at the Museum of Natural History in New York City as a child on a school trip. I remember there being a patriotic sense to the whole thing. As we will see shortly, Nebraska Man and Nebraska Woman never lived outside of the fairy tail of museum displays and textbooks used in academia. The drawings and displays that were seen by millions of people portrayed male and female, half human - half ape beings in a natural habitat. They even had tools displayed that those early Nebraskans used.

Please understand; this is the Making of a Cult!

And now that I am writing this a thought comes to mind; how come we never even heard of Nebraska Woman? Why haven't the woman's advocacy groups complained to the Museum of Natural History? We can plainly see she was right there alongside her husband. What is that saying again..? "Behind Every Great Man there is a Woman!" And sure enough Nebraska Man and all his fame but not even one mention of his wife or his mom! I remember the cigarette commercial slogan by Virgina Slims, "You've Come a Long Way Baby", and looking at Mrs. Nebraska in this image below who could argue with that? Besides; without his mom, Mr. Nebraska would have never been.

But before we get all up in arms about Mrs. Nebraska; there was never such a family ever to have existed. Sorry to say but we have been let down again not by the State of Nebraska but by the cultic Darwinian paradigm which cannot stop promoting itself in the minds of our scientist and indulging itself open tender young children who in turn become adults completely indoctrinated and ready to teach and defend their faith of Darwinism.

Nebraska Man! And Nebraska Woman too!
Nebraska_Man Now what is wrong with this picture? First, before we even get into the idea that there was never a Nebraska Man, Let us just look at the photo on the left and look especially at the feet.

Since we have been trained to imagine that we have descended from apes, I would like for you to train yourself and to understand so you can come out of the cultic ideology of Darwinism. You have to give yourself a chance. You have to see the facts: You have to do research with those who are not paid to program themselves and you into this false science. Just attempt at being unbiased. This might not be easy for you since indoctrination and un-indoctrination both take time and work but we have to start somewhere to undo what has taken a life time of academics to learn.

Understand when you see an image of a half human - half ape, you are seeing something an artist created in their imagination based on what they are told by scientist who believe (are patrons of the Darwinian faith) that humans descended from apes. Imagine seeing yourself hanging from a tree limb by your big toe. It's laughable but imagine it a few times and realize when you see any ape-man you are seeing something that does not exist in nature. We have never found an ape-man anywhere. Believe it and do your research in an unbiased fashion. Now if you are a school teacher. I do not think you can be unbiased because it might cost you your income.

There has never been a discovery of a transitional form which has human feet. There are NO transitional records outside of the faked drawings and monkey-man gods we have in our museum displays of apes with human feet.

Also note if you see a monkey-god manikin in a museum or a photo of one, it will have white eyeballs like a human. NOTE: We have never found the eyeballs of a half monkey-man anywhere!

Nonetheless we escort children by the thousands each year past the 'monkey gods' we have made to teach them your great great ... grandfather looked like this fellow seen in the image on the upper left.

Here is a comment by Dr. Menton regarding another display "Lucy" which has been given human feet to mislead you - indoctrinate you and your children into the Darwinian cult. Once again misleading the public on the anatomy of what is found in nature, if anything is found at all as we will continue to discuss Mr. & Mrs Nebraska, and what we as taxpayers are confronted with when we send our children to school, take a trip to the museum, or buy a textbook:

"The St Louis zoo in Missouri, USA, has a $17.9 million exhibition majoring on evolution, which includes a statue, purportedly a reconstruction of the famous australopithecine part-skeleton 'Lucy', showing remarkably human-looking feet."

Associate professor of anatomy and neurobiology at the nearby Washington University, Dr David Menton (interviewed in Creation 16(4),16-19) says that these feet are not based on the fossil facts."

"This statue's feet and hands are simply wrong and mislead the public. Menton cites evolutionary sources which show that creatures in this species had hands and feet which were 'not at all like human hands and feet; rather, they have long curved fingers and toes'-even more so than apes today that live mostly in the trees."

"Canadian school teacher David Buckna has weighed in on the debate by posting an Internet challenge to this 'misleading' statue. He says that if people visiting this exhibition were to see an accurate replica of Lucy in the trees, with features typical of tree-dwelling primates, it would make them question the whole notion of human evolution; Lucy would be seen as just some sort of extinct ape."

"Deceptive museum displays contribute to the worldwide push to replace the Christian worldview with that of evolutionary naturalism ('everything made itself - we are answerable to nobody'). Sadly, many millions of dollars of taxpayers' money support such museum displays."

Based on information from Dr Menton and the St Louis Post-Dispatch , July 22, 1996

Let me add here some comments. The statement:

"...the worldwide push to replace the
Christian worldview with that of evolutionary naturalism

is what the Scopes Trial and the propaganda movie "Inherit the Wind" are all about. And my friend: If the Bible is correct, (and we have discussed its miraculous design above with Dr. Missler), can their be something sinister in wanting to replace the view that there is a God Who wants to save humanity? The Bible specifies clearly that in our fallen state we as fallen beings do not want the God we find the Bible.

People have said primitive man created the God of the Bible based on fears. But perhaps this is exactly what Darwinian Evolution is: A religion based on man's fears of where he came from and where he will wind up one day.

Examining the Bible we find recorded history and prophecy highly accurate based on forensic scientific examination of the evidences: Something we cannot say regarding those who speak for Darwinian Evolution as we are seeing here. The Bible speaks of King David's weaknesses and mistakes outright. His sins are very serious crimes according to the Bible where we find this record. Nonetheless, the Biblical record speaks of the mistakes of its own people and even of its most powerful king. This is no way to wright about yourself when you're the most powerful king in a nation's history. So this indicates that the Bible is written to present historic events truthfully.

Looking at the prophecies and other miraculous designs inherent within the Bible too numerous to mention here, the Bible stands out and cannot be denied. God cannot be removed from His creation nor from our state of being. I strongly suggest taking time to explore the Bible. Just some thoughts.

"...Osborn, then President of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, was a noted vertebrate paleontologist..."

"It would seem that in the few months before the Scopes Trial, Osborn was using the Nebraska tooth to leave an impression in people's minds that evolutionary scientists were certain that the tooth was from an ape-man."

"In a series of essays in May of 1925, Osborn wrote that the forthcoming trial would place the Great Commoner in the dock seeking to gain the sympathy of the masses for evolution and against Bryan and his biblical Christian faith"

"...The 'Forum' on the 7th. July 1925, suggesting that Osborn's bias in favor of evolution was so strong that it had led him to accept as truth an absurdity:

‘Professor Osborn is so biased in favor of a brute ancestry ... that he exultantly accepts as proof the most absurd stories. Each new exhibit-no matter how largely the product of an inflamed imagination-lifts him to a new altitude of exultation, and each one in itself furnishes him sufficient foundation for unchangeable convictions ...

Let me clarify here what is going on with the 'tooth.' A tooth was found in a dig in Nebraska. This tooth was thought to be human and perhaps from ancient man.

The truth is the scientist had found a pig's tooth. It actually is a modern day pig's tooth.

From this one tooth, that is all that was found, the scientist had displays and paintings created by artist for a complete half-man - half-ape being. But not just one being from one tooth but we got 2 prehistoric monsters which never lived on earth along with some tools for keeps. Isn't that thoughtful of our scientist to give those primitive folks some tools to help them along?

If you love science as I do, this has to bother you or you really do not care for truth or science. Case in point we need the morality we find in the Bible.

At this point, those proposing Darwinian Evolution are reminding me of the scenes in the old western movies where we had snake oil sales man selling little bottles of nothing to paying customers. This is exactly what we are doing as taxpayers here in the U.S. each time we send our children to school or pay to see a museum exhibit.

https://commons.wikimedia .org/
Nebraska Man promotion likened to snake oil promotion.

Come One, Come All!
See it Here and No where else on Earth

The Nebraskan Ape Man - and

The Nebraskan Ape Woman.

Admission is $25 Dollars only.

Children's admission is only $15 Dollars.

Brought to you by your own tax dollars and the imagination of your own making.

But the the biggest price is paid when we loose our morality and become our own worst enemies! As Hitler and the Nazis drew upon the cultlike Darwinian paradigm, it eased his assault upon humanity's conscience since a moral conscience is dependent upon a moral law giver Whom is God. And we have crimes against humanity on a scale never seen before as the industrial revolution quickly made lampshades from human skin and pillows filled with human hair. The survival of the fittest and most genetically evolved are now science fact and morality is no where to be found. We have become our worst enemies based on a lie. That lie being is that there is no purpose in our existence, and ourselves and all we see is just a probability of randomness. What are the odds we might be wrong?

HITLER AND THE DARWINIAN worldview y Jerry Bergman The period of recent history called the Holocaust formally began in 1933 when Hitler assumed power in Germany. It ended only in 1945 when the Nazis were soundly defeated by the Allied nations. The term holocaust is from the Greek word holokauston, meaning "sacrifice by fire," and refers to the Nazis ' persecution and planned total slaughter of all Jewish people in Europe

"...the Holocaust was an essential step required "in order to fulfill a false dream of racial purity which obsessed both Himmler and his master" Adolf Hitler.

No theme has dominated the Holocaust and the entire Nazi movement
more than racism and the quest to achieve a pure superior race,
a goal inspired by the eugenic ideas of Darwinism

HITLER AND THE DARWINIAN worldview, by Jerry Bergman, pp 17 31, ISBN 978-1-894400-49-7

I had a friend who took a trip to a third world country. He decided to go for a drive through the areas outside of the touristy sections. They picked up a hitchhiker and really felt they were going to be robbed. This country had a Catholic background which was visibly strong. My friend being Catholic as well had a cross hanging from the front mirror. He really felt that the cross played upon the conscience of what seemed to be a would be thief.

Now you may argue or think why would the supposed robber be doing breaking God's law which is written upon his heart by attempting a robbery. But Christianity states that we have these laws and are to obey them. We do not become robots. Christians still have freewill. But it would seem the cross did play upon the conscience of this individual if my friends assessment is correct. There was an image of love displayed and a law given to us by this Messenger we call Messiah. This perhaps affected the man who would have gone through with a crime.

Well, if we do not have a morality to base our decisions on, what choices will we make? What constitutes the rights and wrongs in this life? Where did governance and a constitution for right and to abstain from evil spawn from?

HITLER AND THE DARWINIAN worldview by Jerry Bergman "Hitler scholar George Victor wrote that Hitler "grew up anti-Christian and a near atheist."

Hitler's closest childhood friend, August Kubizek, wrote that for the entire time he knew Hitler, he (Hitler) not only never attended mass , but refused to go with his mother when she attended. She was very disappointed and begged him to go to mass but , evidently, she eventually came to "terms with the fact that her son wanted to follow another path" -his father's."
HITLER AND THE DARWINIAN worldview, by Jerry Bergman, p 57, ISBN 978-1-894400-49-7

We have to wonder at some point how do our relationships with those around us affect our perspectives. We are so easily influenced by common human needs for acceptance and love. We need love. We need to love others and we want others to love us. perhaps the word love is too strong? But the word love is a biblical term and we better get use to it or else we will seek the desire for love in ways which would bring disastrous effects.

They say gang members join gangs for recognition and to feel they belong. Now those young men who join gangs are influenced in ways of violence due to peer pressure. They believe at some point in their life that evil is good. The feel accepted and accredited with success in doing what is wrong.

But as adults who can think clearly and are educated as well, can we make the same mistakes? Look how educated our scientist are. Yet they believed wrongly about the origins of humanity. They believed mankind descended from apes. A probability with no direction of purpose or design. This of course flies in the face of true science, yet we teach in our universities this very bold face lie.

So having an education does not guarantee that the end result of academia and adulthood would suffice for a noble character in society. Unless society deems murdering and killing noble traits which might very well be the case.

Here is a quote on a study regarding terrorist:

"Many Islamic radicals are not economically dispossessed, are often better educated than their peers, and quite a few went to university. Even more surprising, many of them are engineers -..."
Sociology Working Papers. Paper Number 2007-10 , by Diego Gambetta, Steffen Hertog, p 3,
Sociology Working Papers

Could this affect how we will treat each other? As we have seen in history the Darwinian paradigm; the segregation and demoralization of society which it brings, the answer is a resounding yes. Ironically; do we think of ourselves more highly due to being somehow genetically superior as Hitler believed?

Thinking that a group of people or any individual is less human than yourself socially due to your 'status', education, so on and so on, can be detrimental to that group or individual and eventually yourself as this philosophy will eventually destroy anyone whom is deemed as less including yourself. Remember the "Commandments For The Age Of Reason" carved in stones weighing one hundred and nineteen tons each in 12 languages which states: "keep the earth's population at a 'sustainable' 500 million."? Who is evolved enough to be included in this number? Who is going to do the sustaining? It would have to be someone in an elite group of people who are within the 1 to 14 ratio of the earth's present population of 7 billion and that number may not include you.

I did not discuss the scientific experimentation that Hitler's scientist performed on human beings! I read one paragraph describing the torture and decided I would not ever looking in the that chapter of the book "Hitler and the Darwinian worldview" quoted in several places on this page. But the end results of one experiment I did read as a glimpsed through the chapters and came upon a short paragraph and I will paraphrase here:

Those in the chamber would start beating their skulls against the metal tank walls hoping to relieve the pain in their heads. They would pull their hair out of their heads and scratch their faces in agony. But the scientist so no harm or moral issues with this experiment. There was no evil in causing this pain and suffering in subhuman - less evolved human beings that needed to be eradicated just the same.

How are we going to 'sustain' the earth's population at 1/14th its current size?

The Milgram Experiment

XENOGENESIS by Stephen Quayle "The conditioning by media and society can have terrifying results, from soldiers willing to kill without thought, to those who ignore the violence committed by their government, to those who don't think twice about the full implications in regard to torture, abortion, and euthanasia."

"Perhaps the most terrifying demonstration of how fine a line there is between moral behavior and the ability of average people to do monstrous things was demonstrated by what has come to be known as "The Milgram Experiment," named after Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram."

"In the early 1970s, Milgram set up a test to measure the willingness of participants to obey an authority figure."

"In the test, subjects were told they were administering electric shocks to a stranger (designated a "learner ") in another room who they could view through a glass window. A person in the lab coat would instruct the subject to administer shocks to the stranger when he failed to answer questions correctly."

"The catch to the test was that the "learner" was actually an actor who only pretended to get a shock and be in pain; he was perfectly safe during the tests. Thus, the subject was told to give the learner ever-greater shocks when he pretended to fail in answering questions."

"The alarming thing that Milgram discovered was that while some subjects refused to do apparent harm to the actor, over half of the subjects were perfectly willing to give him apparent shocks. This continued even if the dials measuring the potency of the current were seemingly turned up to dangerous or even lethal levels and the actor pretended to be in great pain, asked for the shocks to be discontinued , or even appeared to pass out because of excessive voltage being given to him."

"... a person would perform acts of extreme cruelty, which most likely conflicted with their personal conscience, if an authoritarian figure gave the go ahead."

"Not only did most students obey the order to do apparent harm, some even did so gleefully, explaining during the interviews conducted afterward that they'd had trouble not laughing at the apparent suffering they were inflicting."
XENOGENESIS, by Stephen Quayle, pp 217 218, ISBN-10: 1467576018

The results of this experiment are frightening. Looking at our recent history, we have to wonder how and why people would follow Hitler if not from out right fear for their lives. But the answer to this is really simple though so tragic. Right here in the United States Governor Cuomo signed a bill which will allow a baby to be murdered as it is being delivered. How can we do such a thing? What reasoning is there in this decision? The reasoning started hundreds of years before Convener Cuomo was born and all who urged the bill on and all who clapped at its passing have a paradigm that fits the bill. Just as Hitler murdered Jews, today we commit the same atrocity only due to an indoctrination as to who we are and where we are going based on the Darwinian worldview.

Stephen Quayle mentions more than fifty percent of the participants continued to do as they were told even though the test subject was screaming in pain.

I remember reading a story many years back. I don't recall what book or article it was in or perhaps it was discussed on a video. I really do not remember. But it talked about a girl, a young girl, who was just a secretary working in Nazi Germany back during World War II. She worked in an office that was incorporated in a concentration camp. I'm sure she was just an innocent young girl, but the sociological views surrounding her in this environment changed her perspectives. Though she was innocent in respect to her age and perhaps her upbringing, the social environment created an atmosphere we're killing innocent people - helpless people - was morally sound and not evil.

On a weekly bases she would have to step over starving individuals, many of them elderly, in order to go from barrack to barrack to do her duties as a secretary. She started stepping on these people that were starving to death. They were laying on the floor in her way. I'm sure it began as an accident as she tried to maneuver on her daily routine. But eventually she took pleasure on stepping and killing helpless starving elderly men and women with the heels of her shoes. It became a form of entertainment for her. She was actually promoted and considered a good worker and recognized for her deeds. This shows us how society's view of others can have a direct impact on each individual regardless of education or upbringing.

We can see we do need a moral compass and the best one I can think of is found in the Bible. Specifically the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God Himself. Jesus has tells us when a Bible scholar asked the question; "Which is the Greatest Commandment", Jesus replied with a Command to love God and to loveyour neighbor as yourself. You cannot love your neighbor and steel his possessions and then kill him. We have to have a love for God and His word and that can only be accomplished with a relationship with Him through His Spirit indwelling mankind. Let us read the portion of Jesus' biography in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 22 in verses thirty six through forty:

Matthew 22:36-40

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

37 Jesus said unto him,
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it,
Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

But as we have seen in the Scopes Monkey Trial and progressively in the movies and plays designed to brainwash young and old alike into thinking the Bible and Christians are just backwoods fools and that humanity descended from animals with no specific direction, and we have seen as Hitler and his madmen leaned into Darwinian ideology; their sickening treatment of human beings was to be based on scientific reasoning: That the Bible holds true to testing in ways no other document in earth's history possibly can due to its miraculous design in the various codes hidden beneath the text Whom only God could have placed them there by His inspiration to the authors. Not to mention the many proofs we can have from the literature itself as it pronounces prophetically events to come in advance accurately time and time again. We have shown humanity tends toward behavior which degrades others and even tortures others without much prompting.

Lastly I would like to end this page with some scripture verses. We are told in Scripture that God is love. We are told to love one another. We are told not to return evil deeds. Many have said that the eye for an eye statement in scripture is barbaric, but did you know the "eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth" law in the Old Testament is so that men would not do greater harm and bring some restraint to society's violence. And that is exactly why we need to have Church and people whom follow the teaching in the Bible.

And lastly a link to the 10 Commandments which flies in the face of the so called "Commandments for an Age of Reason."

The Ten Commandments


A prayer for those who whish to go to Heaven: Enter for Salvation of Your Soul


Isa 46:8-13

(8)  Remember this, and shew yourselves men: bring it again to mind, O ye transgressors.
(9)  Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me,
(10)  Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:
(11)  Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that executeth my counsel from a far country: yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it.
(12)  Hearken unto me, ye stouthearted, that are far from righteousness:
(13)  I bring near my righteousness; it shall not be far off, and my salvation shall not tarry: and I will place salvation in Zion for Israel my glory.

Salvacion Prayer Go to Heaven Heaven, Salvation Prayer
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