Prayer and Fasting

God Bless all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus told us while He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey that This is the Day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it. It was His day. He would die for sinners. He told us to celebrate while facing the Cross and suffering for all mankind.
Scripture tells us that before the foundations of the world were created Christ was Crucified. It was settled in God’s Kingdom that His one and only Son should die for us so that we might live. So Love one another as He has commanded us to do. It was for Love’s sake that His Son was not spared. Do not forsake love!

One thought on “Prayer and Fasting”

  1. Now Jesus did not quote the specific verse we find in the 118th Psalm stating “This is the day the Lord has made” but we know this Psalm speaks specifically of Christ and it is directed specifically at this momentous event where the Maker of Heaven and earth fulfills prophecy specifically as due the onlookers with their statements quoting Psalm 118 verbatim. Dr. Missler pointed out that the Rabbis should have counted the days which were given to Daniel in the prophecy being able to note that the day which the Lord had made was exactly mathematically the day in which Christ rode into Jerusalem. But Rabbi Paul (Sual) tells us the Jews are blinded for the sake of the gentiles till the fulfillment of the gentiles is complete. Praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ whom has washed our sin in His own blood cleansing us from all unrighteousness. Amen.

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