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This web site is available on Mini CD. The CD version of this website has been recently made to be compatible with Macs. That is to say, if your Mac has a tray that comes out to accept the mini CDs, which are 80mm in diameter as opposed to the 120mm standard diameter, then the mini CD can be used on Macs. Any CD drive that has a slot, like a coin slot on a soda machine, should never be used with mini CDs.
Also, Safari seems to be the best Internet browser for the Mac with the CD. The online version works with Safari and Fire Fox on Macs.
The Mini CD link shows instructions on how to use a CD of this size.
The Readme file of the CD has been added to the bottom this page for your convenience. The 'Back' button there will there will take you the Menu Instructions below right here.

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How to exit the Program on the CD
This is the program page ... the webpage on CD and the page titled "Heaven."
Note the green arrow is pointing to a small 'X' which you click on to 'eXit' the program.
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(The CD has a built in browser that runs temporarily while the program is running.)

If you are not using the CD but are browsing using your computer, the links that lead to other sites should open in a new window leaving the original browser window still available to you. You can use your browser's back button to get back to this site if for any reason they open in the original window.

The links above the blue line on the main menu will open pages in the same browser window. These pages are created by Prophesy Today Ministries. They will be expanded, critiqued and new pages will be added as well from time to time.

As your mouse passes over the links, You will see a brief description of what the link leads to.

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Note the small menu links at the very top of this menu. The links "Previous and "Next," will take you through the site based on your clicks - even up and down the same page. "Top" brings you to the top of the page you are scrolling or clicking through, "Refresh" reloads the current page, "Book Mark" allows you to add the home page to your favorites, and "Share" opens a page with the ability to email the home page to your friends and contact Prophesy Today Ministries.
"Home" will lead you to the main page, and "Menu Instructions" will bring you back here again.
This is just an image of the menu. It is for illustration only. Click the Back to your last Location link on the upper left to get there.

You can send an email by clicking the link titled Share.

I recommend hearing the message titled "The Rose of Columbine!" This Message and the comment posted here deals with the heroics of the students and faculty at Columbine High School during the 1999 shootings. Rachel Scott in particular would not back down even at the face of certain death in regards to her constitution. Her beliefs were based on love and kindness that Jesus taught His disciples over 2000 years ago, which Rachel Scott wished and did mimic in her brief life here.


I want to show the significance of Prophesy in the Bible, which testifies of the book's miraculous design, and I believe this website and CD will help in this area.
You can email the web site link of the home page to others.
Please take this into consideration; if the words of the Bible have been written before events it speaks of and portrays those events accurately, then the Gospels hold man's ultimate truth and safety and are man's best hope.

To receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, please see the link titled "Heaven." Jesus Died so you can enter Heaven. This points to how much you are loved by God. God is love!

There are prayers of Salvation in several languages at the bottom of the "Heaven" page as well. You can print out these prayers to give to family and friends. You may edit them as to make them compliant to your ministry. If there are any mistakes in the foreign language translations, please notify us.

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See the "ReadMe.txt" that is on the CD for  Windows & Macintosh.


This ministry is here to teach and tell others about Christ through various means. The site was created though countless hours of study and work and is a continuing process of Prophesy Today Ministries. If you should feel led to give to this ministry, it will be used toward equipment, television broadcasting and other resources necessary for the continuing work of PTM. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt ministry and you will be receipted for your gift.
  Thank you and God Bless

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