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Rachel Scott's Testimony

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Rachel Scott
Rachel Scott's Testimony
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Rachel Scott was one of the victims of the Columbine High school shooting that took place back in April 20th, 1999.

Her father, Darrell Scott, gives testimony to Rachel's beliefs and expounds on the situation that most had never heard on the evening news. He speaks of heroics that took place in the face of certain death.

After Rachel's death, Darrell can be heard reading from Rachel's diary and pointing out Rachel knew of her demise before incidents began to unfold at Columbine High School. Her friends heard her say, "I will not live long enough to get married." Some how, Rachel knew she was going to be killed. She prayed asking God to use her to do some good before her time came.

You can watch an edited ten minute video with Darrell Scott speaking of his daughter's demise on You Tube.

Rachel's Tears One cannot help but get an eerie feeling as Darrel Scott explains how a man had called him speaking of a dream he kept on having over. He saw a drawing of tears watering a rose and somehow knew it related to Rachel Scott. Darrell had no idea of what this meant and tells the caller expressing that he did not know what the dream meant. The man assures him of his sincerity expressing he is a business man and is not given over to esoteric ideas. He told Darrel he felt he had to call him, and tell him some how he felt the dream was related to Rachel.

Later Darrell received Rachel's backpack from the police with a diary in it a little while after the phone conversation with mentioned above. Darrel had found the drawing of the rose and Rachel's words spelling out that she knew her death would be a homicide and that it would take place shortly. Rachel had written in her diary stating,

Rachel Scott

Jesus-abc - Prophesy Today Ministries

"I am dying...

Quickly my soul leaves.

Slowly my body withers.

It isn't suicide

I consider it homicide.

The world that you have created has lead to my death."

Rachel was a faithful Christian. She lived her beliefs by showing kindness to her classmates. Her life exemplified what a Christian should be.

You can hear the message Darrel Scott gives by clicking on one of the links under the heading "Rachel Scott's Testimony".

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